COVID-19 Procedures

Full studio cleaning daily and/or between each client as appropriate
Cleaning of studio door handles
Extra cleaning measures within room between clients
Turkish towel verses blanket for single use prior to cleaning (no reuse between clients)

Temperature taken upon arrival
Exchange my apron after each client
Face guard available upon client request

If you have been sick or exposed in the last 14days, cancel your appointment
Face covering or mask required throughout session
Individually greeted, text me upon arrival and wait outside W Salon Suites
Temperature taken before treatment
Exam gloves and disposable masks available as needed
If you have had COVID-19 (past 14-day clearance), let me know

COVID-19 Intake Questions

1. Have you tested positive for COVID-19? If so, when?

2. In the last 14 days:
a. Have you been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has had coronavirus-type symptoms?
b. Have you been asked to self-isolate or quarantine by a doctor or local public health official?
c. Have you been somewhere with a high infection rate?

3. Do you now, or have you recently experienced, any of the following as a NEW PATTERN since the beginning of the pandemic:
a. Fever
b. Chills
c. Shortness of Breath
d. Cough
e. Sore Throat
f. Nasal, sinus congestion
g. Loss of sense of taste or smell
h. Persistent Chest Pain or Pressure
i. Diarrhea, digestive upset
j. Skin marks, lesions, or rashes (especially on the feet)
k. Fatigue
l. Sudden onset of muscle soreness (not related to a specific activity)
m. Discomfort with exertion or exercise

4. If you tested positive for COVID-19 or believe you may have had COVID-19 but were not tested:
a. What other long-term, post-infection complications continue to affect your life?
b. Describe your daily physical activity?
c. Has your medical doctor advised you to return to normal activity levels?
d. Has your medical doctor cleared you to return to work or to end self-isolation?